For any information or query, please don't hesitate

to contact with our wedding planning agency:

'La Fete'.




Welcome Night 

Day: Friday

Date: 26th of August 2022

Venue: Textile Industry, Hermoupolis

Time: 19:30

Dress Code: Casual

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Wedding Ceremony & Reception 

Day: Saturday

Date: 27th of August 2022

Venue: The family villa at Tria Lagonia

Time: 18:30

Dress Code: Island White

(white, off white, creme, beige etc ; no suits, no ties)

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*Shuttle buses will be organized from the center of Hermoupolis & Galissas

In case you rent a car please use the bus or a taxi for the day due to parking limitation


Beach Brunch

Day: Sunday

Date: 28th of August 2022

Venue: ONO concept

Time: 13:00

Dress Code: Beach Style

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